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Welcome to

Tom Brady has something to say about Pi…(Humble as ever Tom.)

Welcome to  This site is dedicated to the best math holiday of all time PI Day.  March 14 is pi day.  I have celebrated pi day with my high school classes for several years.  It started for me in 2007.  As a class we rewrote the words to stand by me(by Ben E King) to fit with a theme around pi.  Since then I have written other songs and do not plan on stopping.   Below are the songs I have recorded…check back often for updates and to hear this year’s song.

Sweet Number Pi (2012)

Pi after Pi(Time after Time) (2008)

Stand By Pi(Stand by me) (2007)

I hope to have a video for each of these songs in the near future.

Pi Pi Pi and Jon vs Pi

In an attempt to drum up some interest in this year’s pi song I released a parody of the Tom vs Time series called Jon vs Pi… I channelled my inner Tom Brady.  Check out Jon vs Pi…

2018’s Song: Pi Pi Pi is a parody of the song Bye Bye Bye.  Again the chorus helped me out on this one.  Way too high for my range.  Thanks…