Pi Day is almost here

welcome to pi-guy.org

I am pleased to present to you this years pi song: Pi Pi Pi

This year to prepare for Pi Day I channelled my inner Tom Brady.  Check out Jon vs Pi…

2017 Was a huge win Check out “I Will Know Pi”

2016’s Parody of Thriller…

Here is 2015’s song and video…...Pi-Rational Rhapsody!!!!

This site is currently dedicated to the best math holiday of all time PI Day.  March 14 is pi day.  This year is an exceptional pi day and we should celebrate—it is 3/14/15.  I have celebrated pi day with my high school classes for several years.  It started for me in 2007.  As a class we rewrote the words to stand by me(by Ben E King) to fit with a theme around pi.  Since then I have written other songs and do not plan on stopping.  Here is last year’s song:

It is to the tune on Eye of the Tiger by survivor. (2013)

I hope you enjoy it and share it with everyone you know!!!

Sweet Number Pi (2012)

Pi after Pi(Time after Time) (2008)

Stand By Pi(Stand by me) (2007)